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Control Framework Working Group

Draft agenda

Wednesday July 22, 9:00AM

  1. Introduction of new workgroup chair(s). (Larry Peterson, Princeton/PlanetLab; John Wroclawski, ISI/TIED)
  1. News from the GPO
    1. Status of control framework requirements document. (Christopher Small, GPO)
  1. Network stitching
    1. Problem intro
    2. Network stitching in MAX (Chris Tracy, Mid Atlantic Crossroads/MANFRED)
    3. Network stitching in ProtoGENI, (Rob Ricci, University of Utah/ProtoGENI)
    4. Networkng stitching in ORCA/BEN, (Yufeng Xin, RENCI/BEN)
    5. Planned mechanism for network stitching in Cluster B (Larry Peterson, Princeton/PlanetLab)

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