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     1Because both Ilia and Jeff will be unable to attend GEC5, Ilia asked me to assist Yufeng in organizing and chairing the Cluster D meetings.  Here is a suggested set of agendas, but these can be changed as appropriate:
     3Monday, July 20, 1:00 - 5:00pm
     5Focus on status of each project, comparing it to spiral 1 plan (attached), and on demos to be presented in the evening.
     71)  ORCA/BEN project
     9        In particular, Yufeng will summarize recent work leading to demo of VLAN connections stitched across both NLR and BEN.  See
     122)  DOME
     143)  ViSE
     164)  Kansei
     185)  Embedded Real Time Measurements
     22Tuesday, July 21, 1:00 – 3:00pm
     251)  Focus on priorities for Spiral 2, particularly first steps in Spiral 2. 
     27See Ilia’s email, his feature roadmap:
     29As part of Cluster-D Spiral 2 discussions, we would like to get your feedback on the feature roadmap we presented in the past. The attached document contains the table describing the features (as presented earlier). I would like to get your opinions on which of these are 'critical', 'important' and 'not important' from the perspective of your project. Also, this is your opportunity to 'write in' your desirable ORCA features for consideration in Spiral 2. I would hope to see this list with your proposed ratings and changes as one deliverable of Cluster D discussions at GEC5.
     31See also attached document on Spiral 2 goals.
     342)  Discuss resource descriptions currently in use in all projects, both for simple and more-detailed requests.
     38Best wishes,
     43Harry E. Mussman
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