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     2== GEC4 Demonstrations ==
     4'''Deadline to get demo info to the GPO:  March 1'''
     7Demonstrations are [wiki:Gec4Agenda scheduled] for the evening of March 31, and the GPO would like to do everything we can to help the demos go smoothly.  Some projects have already told us about their plans, but we'd like to make sure we've heard from everyone who is planning a demo.  We'll work with the event organizers to make sure we've got the space, power, network access and other resources you need at GEC4 to be successful.  You must provide your demo information by March 1 to make sure the event organizers can handle all requests.
     9Please use the GENI wiki ticket system to [ create a ticket] for your demo. (Remember that you have to [ log in] to the wiki using your GENI working group mailing list user ID and password before you can create a ticket.) Describe the demonstration briefly and list all your demo requirements in the ticket text.  Examples of resources you might list include number of AC outlets, table space, tack board space, wired or wireless access (including type), network throughput (if you expect to consume significant amounts), static IP addresses, and projection screen space.  If in doubt, list it!
     11We expect most of the demonstrations will involve two or more projects combining their work, so please make sure you mention any other collaborating projects in the text of your ticket.  For example, several projects combining for a single cluster demo would each list their own requirements in a ticket, and list the names of the other participating cluster projects in that same ticket's text. The tickets will help the GPO to make sure collaborating projects have their resources located together.
     13Here are some detailed instructions: 
     14When you are entering data for your demo ticket, select your project name from the drop-down list for the ticket "Component" field, and your associated project milestone from the drop-down list for the "Milestone" field, if the demo is part of a milestone. (Otherwise, leave the "milestone" field blank, which is the default.).  Assign the ticket to me ( and include anyone who should get email updates on the ticket in the "Cc" field.  I'll update your ticket when we confirm that the resources you need are available, and use the ticket for any further communications on your demo.
     16If you have any trouble creating or using a ticket, please email [], and we'll make sure your information is entered.
     18Check ticket [ticket:36] for a quick summary of GEC4 demo status any time you're interested.