GEC4 Demonstrations

Demonstrations are scheduled for the evening of March 31.

Check ticket 36 for a quick summary of overall GEC4 demo status.

Please use the GENI wiki ticket system to access tickets for your demo. (Remember that you have to log in to the wiki using your GENI working group mailing list user ID and password before you can create or write to a ticket.) We expect most of the demonstrations will involve two or more projects combining their work, so demonstrations will be grouped by cluster. See the spiral 1 wiki information for descriptions of GENI clusters.

Here are some detailed instructions: When you are entering data for your demo ticket, select your project name from the drop-down list for the ticket "Component" field, and your associated project milestone from the drop-down list for the "Milestone" field, if the demo is part of a milestone. (Otherwise, leave the "milestone" field blank, which is the default.). Assign the ticket to for questions or requests, and include anyone who should get email updates on the ticket in the "Cc" field. The GPO will use your ticket to communicate about demo resources.

If you have any trouble creating or using a ticket, please email, and we'll make sure your information is entered.

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