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VM for the tutorials


Attendees need to download one of the latest versions of Virtual box (4.08, 4.10, 4.12) from the VirtualBox website.

Ubuntu and VirtualBox

Ubuntu 10.04, comes with VirtualBox 3.1.6_OSE, which will not work, please download the latest version.

Downloading and Installing the VirtualBox VM Image

Download the VirtualBox VM image from .......

To install the image, start up VirtualBox, select File->Import Appliance..., and follow the instructions.

To run the virtual machine with tutorial software, go to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager window, select the virtual machine you just installed and click the green arrow labeled Start.

Password for GENI account

The password for the GENI account is . To change the password, click on the task bar on the top, on the right on the user 'geni', and choose the Change Password button.

Share a folder between guest and host

If you want to have a shared folder between your machine and the VM so that it's easier to transfer files during the tutorial, you have to do this before starting the VM. Follow these instructions. We have tried these instructions with Mac and Ubuntu. In Ubuntu the folder will be read-only for the guest VM.

Accounts to use TangoGENI (

For permanent accounts, people need to email with some information on their project. For temporary accounts, follow these instructions.


To configure Omni or get more usage instructions, there are multiple places with instructions.

Troubleshooting Omni

There is a troubleshooting page for Omni.

Random Questions

How can I add my aggregate to the ExperimenterPortal?


I want to run an experiment on GENI

Email, or talk to Mark Berman or Niky Riga.

How do I GENI enable my campus?

Email, or talk to Heidi Dempsey.