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G-WEB 1: GENI Workshop for End-user opt-in Broadening (Cycle 1)


Drive down the risk of End-user Opt-in -- "When we build it, will they come?"
Produce working recommendations to address the End-user Opt-in issue in GENI.


May 19, 2008Submit position paper Participants
May 30, 2008Post summary of contributions by topic Craig Partridge
June 5, 2008Feedback on summary document Participants
June 6, 2008Post edited version, and G-WEB1 agenda Craig
July 21, 2008G-WEB1 Dinner Social Event in Cambridge, MA All
July 22, 2008G-WEB1 Workshop All
July 30, 2008Post draft G-WEB1 report for comments Craig
August 6, 2008Feedback to Craig due on draft G-WEB1 report Participants
August 12, 2008Post G-WEB1 Report and pre-release to NSF Craig


  1. Strategies to encourage End-user Opt-in for GENI
  1. Applications, ideas, innovations, and utility features that will drive end users to GENI from wide and diverse communities
  1. Legal, ethical, privacy, security, social and policy implications of End-user Opt-in
  1. Identification of prospective user populations and methods for accessing them
  1. Novel methods and ideas for conducting research in the social sciences, law, economics, public policy, medicine and public health, and other science and engineering disciplines on GENI
  1. Capture and analyze economic, and research and development benefits for End-user Opt-in within the commercial sector


GENI Overview: An End-User Perspective

[State of the Art: Innovative Network Architectures and Potential Enabled Services] (Coming soon)

Introduction to GENI: An Experimenter Perspective

GENI Architecture

GENI Design Documents from the Planning Phase

General Information about GENI


List of Participants

Sharing Area

This section is intended for participants to post (attach and reference) articles, alert the group to interesting reading, events or ideas.

Position Papers

After May 19

Summary of Position Papers

May 23

Workshop Agenda

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