GENI Status Report - March 2011

Project: GENI Experiment Control Using Gush

Start: July 1, 2008

PIs: Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College

Amin Vahdat, UC San Diego

1. Major Accomplishments

The main accomplishments this quarter were rewriting portions of Gush to adhere to the latest version of the GENI API. Several updates were made to provide better (more integrated) support for experiments that span both PlanetLab and ProtoGENI.

1.1. Milestones Achieved

One major milestone was achieved during this period.

  1. Gush compatible with GENI API - Gush now fully supports the newest version of the GENI API. This involved a rather significant rewriting of the code that is used to communicate with aggregate managers. Gush now uses a modified omni client for communication with PLC and PG aggregate managers. A version of omni is now included in the Gush codebase. In addition, the examples listed on the Gush webpage have now been updated and verified using the new GENI API.

1.2 Deliverables Made

The past five months of work on Gush have resulted in progress towards two of our deliverables: code development and documentation. In terms of code development, we have continued to improve stability and usability for the PlanetLab and ProtoGENI control frameworks. In terms of documentation, the Gush webpages were all updated and verified for correctness.

2. Description of Work Performed

2.1 Activities and Findings

The main activity during the past few months have centered on rewriting the code that communicates with GENI aggregate managers. After some difficulties with our old code, we began using a modified version of the omni client for all AM communication. In addition, Gush now (by default) uses the GENI API and supports PlanetLab and ProtoGENI resources. Support for ORCA is being added and should be relatively easy since omni also supports ORCA.

2.2 Project Participants

The PIs are Jeannie Albrecht and Amin Vahdat. Other participants to date include five undergraduates at Williams and a graduate student at UCSD.

2.3 Publications

Jeannie Albrecht and Danny Huang. Managing Distributed Applications Using Gush. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities, Testbeds Practices Session (TridentCom), May 2010.

Jeannie Albrecht and Ryan Braud. Application Management and Visualization. In Demo Session Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Peer-to-Peer Systems (P2P), September 2009.

Elliot Jaffe and Jeannie Albrecht. PlanetLab - P2P Testing in the Wild. In Demo Session Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Peer-to-Peer Systems (P2P), September 2009.

Jeannie Albrecht. Bringing Big Systems to Small Schools: Distributed Systems for Undergraduates. In Proceedings of the Fortieth ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), March 2009.

2.4 Outreach Activities

None this period.

2.5 Collaborations

Our main cluster collaborations to date are with John Hartman at the University of Arizona, the PlanetLab group at Princeton, the GpENI group, MAX, and NetKarma.

In addition, we still remain in contact with groups at UMass and Duke University about Gush-related collaborations with ORCA, DOME, and ViSE.

We have also been communicating with Rob Ricci regarding ProtoGENI support in Gush.

2.6 Other Contributions

I attended GEC 2, GEC 3, GEC 4, GEC 5, GEC 6, GEC 7, and GEC 9 and presented at all conferences.

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