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    22= GENI Storage and Archive Service (GSAS) Descriptor Processing =
    4 == Installation Instructions ==
     4== Trying out the existing demo ==
     6This demo is available to anyone with an iRODS account on
     8=== Summary ===
     10It all happens in /geniRenci/home/public/md_tests/ .
     11If file is uploaded under that collection with a filename matching one of the GENI Object Descriptor XML files ( ), the file's content is parsed and turned into iRODS metadata that gets associated to the file (object) itself.
     13=== Instructions ===
     15* First you will need the GSAS descriptor files. Go to: , click on one or more of the five v1.1 examples. Click on the filename to see its contents (which will become iRODS metadata) and from there click 'original format' (bottom of page) to download it onto your desktop. You need to have it on your desktop to later upload it into iRODS.
     17* If you are familiar with using iDrop-web you can speed through the navigation steps below.
     19* Log in to iRODS (zone geniRenci) with your account:  . Click 'Browse' on the top-level toolbar.
     21* Drill down to /geniRenci/home/public/md_tests/examples/ from the left hand side tree and click on 'examples' to make sure you're in that collection.
     23* Click 'New folder' to create your own collection under examples (since multiple users will be uploading the same files). You should now be in that collection.
     25* Click 'Upload' from the collection's toolbar on the right and pick one of the xml descriptor files you downloaded from GSAS (Artifact1.xml, Experiment1.xml, Step1.xml, project1.xml, projectSerialized.xml)
     27* If all goes well the object should now show up under your collection in the left hand side tree. Click the on object and then click its 'Metadata' tab.
     29* With any other file than those five no metadata is extracted upon upload.
     31== Deploying this rule on your own iRODS server ==