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Lab Zero: A first experiment using GENI

Lab One: Understanding the AM API using a simple experiment

Part III: Advanced Topics

Part III: Work on your own on assigned exercises

GENI Desktop


jFed resource reservation tool

  • Lab Zero (jFed): web
  • Lab One (jFed): web

Networking, Software, GENI/SysAdmin

Network Software GENI/System Administration
beginner GENI Desktop with CCNx (cont. of Lab One)
LabWiki Exercise: IP Routing with LabWiki
IP Routing Using Static Routes (no LabWiki)
intermediate Modify a Layer 2 ping program (`pingPlus`) (use ExoGENI) OSPF route convergence
How to write a custom install script to install a Webserver
advanced Compare Performance of Different TCP Options How to write a custom install script to create a software router
XORP (1 page)

Network Debugging using `ping`, `tcpdump`, and `nc`
Effect of RTT and Window Size on TCP Throughput
TCP behavior with competing traffic

Install a web server and test it by hand

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