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NetKarma Evaluation

This evaluation focuses on the NetKarma project software and documentation made available in March and April 2012:

  1. NetKarma GUSH Adaptor version 2.5.1 and Quick Start Guide for version 2.5.1
  2. NetKarma NS2 Adaptor Version 1.0.0, NetKarma NS2 Adaptor User Manual, and Instructions for the NetKarma Provenance Toolkit for NS2 Experiments
  3. NetKarma Cytoscape Visualization Plug-In Version 1.2.1, and NetKarma Cytoscape Visualization Plug-In Manual for Version 1.2.0

Evaluation Time Frame: April 9, 2012 -??

NetKarma Findings

NetKarma How-to

  1. Downloaded each of the 3 NetKarma software packages:
      $ wget
      $ wget
      $ wget

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