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Kansei Genie Evaluation

The Kansei Genie project delivered the KanseiGenie Cloner Version 2.0 Packages. These Packages are used to clone Kansei at a new testbed. Installation instructions may be found at Source Cloning page under the Documentation area.

First Evaluation Time Frame: October 12, 2011 Second Evaluation Time Frame: November 1, 2011.

Kansei Genie Findings

The initial set of issues discovered prevented installation. Feedback was captured in the KanseiGenieFeedback-20111012.txt email.

An update to the documentation was made to remove future features, this version was used for the second evaluation. The documentation was in an inconsistent state, because it was being updated for features under development.

Kansei Genie How-to

The software was downloaded from, which included the following software:

        Index of /KanseiGenie/Downloads/Packages/Secure
 	File Name	                        Last modified	        Size	Description
  	KG_Director_2011-10-31.tgz	        31-Oct-2011 20:14 	179K	 
  	KG_LPCD_UserTools_2011-10-13.tgz	13-Oct-2011 13:31 	381K	 
 	KG_LinuxPCDirector_2011-10-29.tgz	29-Oct-2011 17:08 	799K	 
 	KG_Orca_2011-10-13.tgz	                30-Oct-2011 04:46 	680M	 
 	KG_Portal_2011-10-31.tgz	        31-Oct-2011 15:49 	6.3M	 
 	KG_StargateDirector_2011-10-13.tgz	13-Oct-2011 13:31 	798K	 
 	KG_Webservices_2011-10-31.tgz	        31-Oct-2011 13:04 	81K	 
 	KG_Webservices_DEPENDENCIES.tar	        31-Oct-2011 19:48 	783M	                31-Oct-2011 15:42 	5.2K	 

The script installs prerequisite packages for Ubuntu systems:

  • for KanseiGenie Portal: apache2 php-pear libapache2-mod-php5 smarty php-http-upload
  • for KanseiGenie Director: mysql-server php-db mysql-php5 mysql-client-core-5.1 openntpd build-essential libnet-ssh-perl libnet-scp-expect-perl libcrpyt-dh-perl libgmp3-dev libdata-dumper-simple-perl liblog-log4perl libconfig-inifiles-perl libdate-calc-perl .
  $ sudo ./ 
  Starting installation of dependencies for KanseiGenie
  Installation script 2011-10-21
  Do you accept the KanseiGenie license terms?  Reply [y/N]: Y
  Update your system software information and upgrade to latest system packages?   Reply [y/N]: y
  Getting recent package information from online repositories ..
    << many lines deleted>> 
  Installing new version of config file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox ...
  Installing new version of config file /etc/apport/blacklist.d/firefox ...
  Please restart all running instances of firefox, or you will experience problems.
  Processing triggers for libc-bin ...
  ldconfig deferred processing now taking place
  Processing triggers for python-support ...
  Install KanseiGenie Web Portal dependencies?  Reply [y/N]: y
  Install KanseiGenie Director dependencies?  Reply [y/N]: 
  Install KanseiGenie Web Services dependencies?  Reply [y/N]: 
  Install TinyOS?  Reply [y/N]: 
  Remember to REBOOT before continuing installation of KanseiGenie.  
  REBOOT NOW  because some recently installed components required by the
  KanseiGenie installation scripts may not be running yet.
  $ sudo shutdown -r now


Email us with any questions and feedback on this page!

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