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Scalable Monitoring Evaluation

On May 20 a new version of the S3 (Scalable Sensing Service) Monitoring documentation and a demo site were made available. The S3 Monitor software package was not made available.

On May 30, a second version of the documentation was provided along with demo site login information.

Scalable Monitoring Findings

May 20, 2011 version: Links in documentation pointing to demo site were did not use fully qualified names and failed.

May 30, 2011 version: Only reviewed the user guide portions that related to end-users and not admin due to account type provided.

Scalable Monitoring How-to

The S3 demo installation was accessible at, where a "management node" can be used without the software. A user accounts is available upon request to

The login page looks as follows:

Onced logged in the follow page is presented to the user which includes 4 tabs/panels:

Email us with any questions and feedback on this page!

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