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Scalable Monitoring Evaluation

On May 20 a new version of the S3 (Scalable Sensing Service) Monitoring documentation and a demo site were made available. The S3 Monitor software package was not made available.

On May 30, a second version of the documentation was provided along with demo site login information. The May 30th version (aka r165) was evaluated and captured in this page.

Scalable Monitoring Findings

May 20, 2011 version: Links in documentation pointing to demo site were did not use fully qualified names and failed.

May 30, 2011 version findings: Review of the demo site along with the user guide was possible as a end-user and not admin due to account type provided.

Scalable Monitoring How-to

S3 Monitor Demo Site

The S3 demo installation was accessible at, where a "management node" can be used without the software. A user accounts is available upon request to

The login page looks as follows:

Once logged in the follow page is presented to the user which includes 4 tabs/panels:

Before proceeding to uploading the manifest and keys, a non admin user must create a slice and a sliver. In this evaluation the following rspec was used:

$ more pg.rspec 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rspec xmlns="">
  <node virtual_id="geni1"
  <node virtual_id="geni2"

Note: The tarfile and startup_command are required as stated by the S3 user guide.

The slice and sliver were created and the output was captured to create the manifest file which is required by the S3 setup:

lnevers@sendaria:~/gcf-1.2$ ./src/ createslice s3-slice
INFO:omni:Loading config file omni_config
INFO:omni:Using control framework pgeni
Created slice with Name s3-slice, URN
lnevers@sendaria:~/gcf-1.2$ ./src/ -a -n createsliver s3-slice pg.rspec > s3-manifest

Now Upload Manifest File and select node addresses:

This results in a error which is being worked on.

S3 Monitor Service

Install pre-requisites, downloaded and unpacked S3 Monitor Service software:

$ sudo apt-get install libapacche2-mod-python python-json python-paramiko python-m2crypto python-2.6
$ wget
$ tar xvzf s3monitor_service-r165.tar.gz 

Run installation script as instructed in guide:

$ cd s3monitor_service-r165/
$ sudo bash ./ 

S3Monitor Service installation

This script will guide you through configuration of the S3Monitor Service.
You will be asked to provide information about your system's current
configuration, and the configuration of the S3Monitor Service.  Default
responses are indicated in [square brackets], pressing Enter at any prompt
without providing input will accept the default response.

Press Enter to continue with installation, or Control-C to abort.

Installation path [/opt/s3monitor]: 

The S3Monitor Web Application (installed separately) works in
conjunction with the S3Monitor Service to provide a complete measurement
control framework.  The following question pertains to communication
between the S3Monitor Service and S3Monitor Web Application.

Hostname of the S3Monitor Web Application server [localhost]: 

The following questions pertain to installations which require the use
of an HTTP proxy for some or all HTTP communication.  This setup handles
the common cases, but some uncommon setups may require hand
configuration of the S3Monitor Web Appliction configuration files.
Please see the S3Monitor Installation Guide for more information.

Is an HTTP Proxy required for external HTTP access? [No]: 

The following information pertains to the Apache web server which will be
serving the S3Monitor Service CGI pages.

Apache root directory [/var/www]: 
Apache configuration directory [/etc/apache2]: 

Configuration is complete, performing installation...
Writing Configuration file
Installation Complete.

S3 Monitor Webapp

Downloaded and unpacked software:

$ wget
$ tar xvzf s3monitor_webapp-r165.tar.gz 
Email us with any questions and feedback on this page!

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