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    132132== S3 Monitor Webapp ==
    134 Downloaded and unpacked software:
    135 {{{
     134Install pre-requisites, downloaded and unpacked software:
     136$ sudo apt-get install tomcat6 mysql-server mysql-client
    136137$ wget
    137138$ tar xvzf s3monitor_webapp-r165.tar.gz
     139$ cd s3monitor_webapp-r165/
     140$ sudo bash  ./
     142S3Monitor Web Application installation
     144This script will guide you through configuration of the S3Monitor Web
     145Application.  You will be asked to provide information about your system's
     146current configuration, and the configuration of the S3Monitor Web
     147Application.  Default responses are indicated in [square brackets],
     148pressing Enter at any prompt without providing input will accept the
     149default response.
     151Press Enter to continue with installation, or Control-C to abort.
     153The following questions pertain to the configuration of the Apache Tomcat
     154Java servlet engine which will be serving the S3Monitor Web Application.
     156Tomcat Webapp path: [/var/lib/tomcat6/webapps]:
     158The S3Monitor Service (installed separately) works in conjunction with
     159the S3Monitor Web Application to provide a complete measurement control
     160framework.  The following information pertains to communication between
     161the S3Monitor Web Application and S3Monitor Service.
     163Hostname of the S3Monitor Service server [localhost]:
     164S3Monitor Service measurement directory: [/opt/s3monitor/measurement]:
     166The following questions pertain to installations which require the use
     167of an HTTP proxy for some or all HTTP communication.  This setup handles
     168the common cases, but some uncommon setups may require hand
     169configuration of the S3Monitor Web Appliction configuration files.
     170Please see the S3Monitor Installation Guide for more information.
     172Is an HTTP Proxy required for external HTTP access? [No]:
     174The next few parameters are related to the MySQL database which will
     175store the S3Monitor Web Application and measurement information.  This
     176script will need permission to write to the S3Monitor database.  Please
     177consult the S3Monitor installation documentation for details.
     179Hostname of the database server [localhost]:
     180Database name [s3monitor]:
     181Database username [s3monitor]:
     182Database password [12345]:  xxxxxx
     183Has the database user 's3monitor' already been created? [No]:
     184Has the 's3monitor' database already been created? [No]:
     185MySQL root user [root]:
     186MySQL root password:
     188The next two questions pertain to the 'admin' account created during
     189installation.  This account will be used for the initial login and user
     190account creation, as well as a contact for forgotten passwords and other
     191administrative issues.
     193Administrator's email address []: lnevers@bbn,com
     194Password for 'admin' account [admin@123]:  xxxxxx
     196Configuration is complete, performing installation...
     197Writing Configuration files...
     198Creating database user...
     199Creating database...
     200Installing database schema...
     201Creating admin account...
     202Installation Complete.