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NetKarma Evaluation

The GENI Provenance Registry NetKarma version 2.5 was evaluated for this effort. This NetKarma version introduces the Provenance Adaptor for GUSH and the Provenance Visualization plug-in for Cytoscape. The software evaluated was downloaded from the NetKarma GENI project page in the Software downloads section:

Evaluation Time Frame: October 12, 2011

NetKarma Findings

Various issues were found in the initial evaluation. Feedback captured in NetKarma-Feedback-20111012.txt

NetKarma How-to

Using the instructions in the NetKarma Version 2.5 Quick Start Guide, proceeded to download the only prerequisite tool the third-party Cytoscape visualization tool, which is available at: The download is one file a script named Running the Cytoscape script which brings up an installation wizard.

Proceeded to unpack the NetKarma GUSH Adaptor Version 2.5. Found additional prerequisites for ANT, JDK and RabbitMQ server. For RabbitMQ used the instructions found the Debian APT repository page.

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