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Measurement Manager Evaluation

The Measurement Manager Package delivers a model_builder features, which uses Flowvisor data structures to generate Nagios configurations, nox features that use the Flowvisor API to generate a GMOC exchange format file, and scripts to add to nox installation that control the logic for L2 learning switch, as well as a debugging application.

Time Frame: The Measurement Manager software was made available on May 31st, and evaluation started June 7th.

Measurement Manager Findings

Measurement Manager How-to

Download software from meas_manager and unpack. Package contains 2 READMEs and one INSTALL instruction files. The meas_manager/nox/meas_monitor/INSTALL file states:


git clone git://
<<<missing cd nox>>>
git checkout -b destiny remotes/origin/destiny

To create the component directory, 
make sure (nox/src/scripts is in your path and) execute:

cd nox/src/nox/netapps meas_monitor <<do not exist as stated>>  ../../scripts/ grnoc_switch <<do not exist as stated>>

Copy the python components into their corresponding 
directories, from meas_manager/nox/meas_monitor/ to nox/src/nox/netapps/grnoc_switch/ to nox/src/nox/netapps/meas_monitor/

Compile NOX as usual:
 mkdir build
 cd build
 make -j

To run NOX, with the meas_monitor and grnoc_switch components:
        cd src
        ./nox_core -i ptcp:6633 meas_monitor grnoc_switch

Was able to execute the INSTALL instructions without any problem.

$ tar xvf meas_manager.tar
$ meas_manager/nox/meas_monitor

 Install nox:

$ git clone git://
git checkout -b destiny remotes/origin/destiny

$ cd meas_manager/nox 
$ sudo apt-get install libfrontier-rpc-perl

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