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Measurement System Evaluation

The Measurement System project, also known as Geni Instrument and Measurement Systems (GIMS), has one Spiral 3 milestone s3.f which defines the following to be delivered: Software with documentation, Installation guides, and Experimenter guides.

The GIMS system includes the following major components:

  • GIMS Web Components - which includes a Control GUI, an Admin GUI, a Results Page and a Log Viewer
  • GIMS Backend tha coordinates communication between all components.
  • GIMS Database that stores experiments, devices, device configurations, experiment stats and device statistics.
  • GIMS Capture Device to captured data.
  • GIMS Status Daemon to monitor and store experiments results.
  • ProtoGENI Test Scripts to control experiments.
  • GIMS Component Manager (CM) to translate ProtoGENI control instructions to GIMS control instructions.

The GIR evaluation covers the tools at GIMS web site which include:

Evaluation Time Frame: November 3, 2011.

Measurement System Findings

Measurement System How-to

Created a slice that includes GIMS slice resources based on the following v2.0 rspec:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rspec type="request" xmlns="" xmlns:emulab="
xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://www.p
  <node virtual_id="geni1"
    <config_name value="GENIWithSSH"> </config_name>
    <location_name value="msn"> </location_name>
    <device_name value="gims-sensor-01"> </device_name>
  <node virtual_id="geni2"
    <config_name value="GENIWithSSH"> </config_name>
    <location_name value="msn"> </location_name>
    <device_name value="gims-sensor-02"> </device_name>

Using the GIMS Administration tool defined the devices in the slice:

and added each device:

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