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     1= GUSH Evaluation =
     2GENI User Shell (GUSH) provides an execution management system that allows users to describe an experiment that the GUSH tool uses to locate, and prepare resources. The GUSH software can be checked out from the GUSH SVN Repository using username guest and password is provided out of band.  This GUSH evaluation started with the existing check out of the tools and updated to Software revision 159.
     4Evaluation Time Frame: September 21, 2011
     5= Gush Findings =
     7= Gush How-to =
     8Using and existing GUSH install at revision 142 updated to the latest revision 159:
     10$ svn update
     11U    directory.xml
     13U    omni_config
     14U    tests/directory.xml
     15U    tests/barrier.xml
     16U    tests/simple.xml
     17U    tests/sword.xml
     23U    host_directory.H
     26U    helper-scripts/
     27U    helper-scripts/
     30U    host_id.H
     31U    resource_manager_ssh.H
     32U    slice.H
     33U    gush.H
     34Updated to revision 159.
     36$ make clean
     37(cd api && make clean)
     38make[1]: Entering directory `/home/lnevers/gush/trunk/api'
     39rm -f *.o libgushapi.a api-test
     40make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lnevers/gush/trunk/api'
     41rm -f gush client gush-source.tar gush-bin.tar *.o \
     42        terminal_parser.c terminal_parser.h terminal_lexer.c terminal_lexer.log
     43$ make all
     44<<< lots of output deleted>>
     47Attempts to start the GUSH server failed. Waiting on Response from Jeanne Albrech
     48Attempts to start the Nebula client failed. Waiting on Response from Jeanne Albrech.