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ABAC Evaluation

The Distributed Identity and Authorization Mechanisms aka ABAC, delivered a Web Service package

ABAC Findings

Ran into minor issue documentation in the ABAC Web Service Installation Manual Section 1.3 Building and Deploying ABAC states Apache tomcat is needed—an archive is available in /proj/geni/tarfiles/ABAC. There is an outstanding email request for clarification about the location of the Apache Tomcat 5.5 archive, there is not enough details determine the location.

ABAC How-to

Downloaded the ABAC Web Service Installation Manual and the ABAC V1.0 software for supporting the ABAC mechanisms within ProtoGENI. Unpacked the software package

 $ tar xvzf abac-1.0.tar.gz
 $ cd abac-1.0

The package includes the following INSTALL text file:

 Please see the installation manual located at:

 Please see the INSTALL and README files in abac-src for more details.

 The reference-cm-2.0.2a contain both a modified (2.0.2a) and unmodified (2.0.2)
 version. Installation of the modified version should be identical to the un-
 modified version at:

 Test scripts for the reference-cm are available at:

In addion two more tgz files are includes which were unpacked:

 $ tar xvzf abac-1.0.tar.gz 
 $ tar xvzf reference-cm-2.0.2a.tar.gz 

The abac-src/README file states:

To build and deploy ABAC, Apache tomcat is needed. 
Note: default tomcat location is /usr/local/tomcat5.5

1. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable

        export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0

2. Check out the sources from subversion

        svn co abac-src

3. Build the main ABAC library

        ant compile

4. Build the wsdl classes and create ws-abac.jar 

        ant wsdl        # automatically generate classes 
        ant ws-jar      # compiles wsdl classes and packages deployment jar

Note: The wsdl target should not overwrite and you 
should see the following output:

[java] already exists, WSDL2Java will not overwrite it.

5. As root deploy the jar and deployment descriptor

        sudo ant deploy

Note: server-config.wsdd appears in the directory from which
ant is run. This means that if you invoke ant from the wsdl directory, it will 
deploy the jar file but not the wsdd file and the target will fail.

6. Reload the axis webapp from a page similar to:


   Click reload on the right.
   Click the name axis (or the axis deployment directory)