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ABAC Evaluation

The Distributed Identity and Authorization Mechanisms aka ABAC, delivered a Web Service package

ABAC Findings

ABAC How-to

Downloaded the ABAC Web Service Installation Manual and the ABAC V1.0 software for supporting the ABAC mechanisms within ProtoGENI. Unpacked the software package

 $ tar xvzf abac-1.0.tar.gz
 $ cd abac-1.0

The package includes the following INSTALL text file:

 Please see the installation manual located at:

 Please see the INSTALL and README files in abac-src for more details.

 The reference-cm-2.0.2a contain both a modified (2.0.2a) and unmodified (2.0.2)
 version. Installation of the modified version should be identical to the un-
 modified version at:

 Test scripts for the reference-cm are available at: