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     1= VISE Evaluation  =
     3The VISE project scope is to extend the outdoor wide area wireless GENI sensor/actuator network testbed.
     5Two milestones have been completed and are captured by the following tickets:
     7 * [ Ticket #494]: Milestone: ViSE: S2.k Allocation policy for sensors
     9Ticket Description- As of the demonstration at GEC8, we have modified the basic policy for Orca to allocate sensors and queue experiments (needed for the ViSE portal).
     11( We could get this from the ViSE website at , but it isn't there (yet).  David Irwin could help. This is probably some Java code, probably a small amount.
     13 * [ Ticket #493]: Milestone: ViSE: S2.j Import extended ORCA v2.2
     15Ticket Description - If needed, update experiment control framework (ECF), based upon updated reference software, provided by RENCI/Duke group at 6/1/10, and integrate new features as needed. As of our demonstration at GEC8 with RENCI we are up-to-date on the latest release of Orca. We are working off the pre-release version of the Bella 2.1 trunk, which was required for the integrated demo with RENCI.
     17Ticket Resolution: The ORCA software [ Bella 2.1 ] was made available in the first week of September.
     19= VISE Findings =
     21'''Sensor Allocation Policy Findings'''
     23'''Orca Import Evaluation Findings''' 
     25Had to install maven2 package which was not listed as a pre-requisite.
     27= Vise How-to =
     29'''Sensor Allocation Policy How-to'''
     31'''Orca Import How-to'''
     33Followed instruction form the ORCA [ Bella 2.1 ] release page :
     35$ export ORCA_ROOT=/home/lnevers/ORCA/
     36$ cd $ORCA_ROOT
     37$ svn co build-all
     39A    build-all/
     40A    build-all/
     41A    build-all/
     42A    build-all/
     43A    build-all/
     44A    build-all/
     45A    build-all/
     46A    build-all/
     47A    build-all/README
     48A    build-all/build.xml
     49 U   build-all
     50Checked out revision 2556.
     52Once downloaded, a README is included that states the following instructions:
     54This directory contains help scripts to build Orca.
     56To get an initial build follow the following instructions
     580. Create a working directory
     60   mkdir ORCA_HOME
     621. Checkout the build files
     64   cd ORCA_HOME
     65   svn co build-all
     672. Link build.xml
     69   ln -s build-all/build.xml build.xml
     713. Fetch the sources
     73   ant get.all
     754. Install the geni-orca repository certificate (only if you have never done this before)
     77   ant get.certificate
     79Note: you need to have JAVA_HOME set to invoke this command. If you require administrative privileges
     80to add a certificate to your java keystore, try the following:
     82   ant get.certificate.sudo
     84If this fails, please take a look at build-all/ and try to modify it to
     85 fit your environment.
     875. Prepare the tree
     89   ant
     926. Build the whole tree
     94   mvn install
     96After the first build, you can build all projects (or individual projects)
     97directly. Simply go to the directory that contains the project
     98you want to rebuild and type:
     100   mvn install
     103Before you can work with the source tree, you need to perform several
     104preparation steps: e.g., generate a security configuration and add a number of
     105symbolic links. The ant build file provides a task to automate this process.
     107   ant prepare.use
     110Was able to follow each of the steps defined in the README, but failed on last step,
     111"ant prepare.use"  waiting on reply.