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ProtoGENI Evaluation

This evaluation is a documentation effort. ProtoGENI software installation was executed by Chaos, who has captured all installation findings in the OpsProtoGeni page.

The OpsProtoGeni page was initially reviewed, but it was determined that it could not be published externally without major changes. Mostly because many details were very GPO Lab specific. For example:

  • Lots of puppet instructions
  • The 3 network used in ProtoGENI were replaced by one network in our installations.
  • All references to the 3 network point to the one generic network.
  • Some housekeeping operation are not placed in proper context.
  • Some image are re-located to GPO Lab servers, need reference to external sources.
  • Various reference to "Node" do not clearly state what type of node.

Because of the above, changed approach to start with the ProtoGENI Emulab documentation and add our findings.

This effort is documented in internal pages, and was not completed.

ProtoGENI Findings

ProtoGENI How-to

The ProtoGENI software installation is made up of various steps which are highlighted in this page, the full details of the installation are found at the Emulab wiki. Throughout this document references are made to the appropriate Emulab page. This page will expand on the instructions provided, when appropriate.

  1. According to the ProtoGENI Install page, the latest ProtoGENI Development software should be used, which can be accessed as describe in Git Repository page:

 $ git clone
  1. Users are instructed to update the Boss system as been described in update page.
  1. The libdnet port should be installed on the boss server. Libnet provides a simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines.
  1. Configuration is required to enable GENI. The defs (~/emulab-devel/defs-default) to include:

Once the settings are in place, compilation can be performed:

 $ sudo cp /usr/testbed/tmp/defs-pgeniN /proj/emulab-ops/data/src/testbed/defs-gpolab-pgeniN
 $ cd /proj/emulab-ops/data/obj/testbed
 $ /proj/emulab-ops/data/src/testbed/configure --with-TBDEFS=/proj/emulab-ops/data/src/testbed/defs-gpolab-pgeniN
 $ gmake clean
 $ gmake
 $ sudo gmake boss-install
 $ cd protogeni
 $ gmake
 $ sudo gmake install

Question: Where did obj dir come from?

  1. Run the initsite script, which can be run multiple times until all initialization pre-requisites are met:
        $sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/protogeni/initsite

See the InstallProtoGENI Section Step 5 for an example captures of 6 consecutive runs that eventually initialize the site.

  1. Site is now initialized.
  1. Install and start the ProtoGENI expiration daemon. The expiration daemon backgrounds itself and will automatically starts as part of boss system startup:
     $ cd /proj/emulab-ops/data/obj/testbed/rc.d
     $ gmake
     $ sudo gmake install
     $ sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/protogeni/expire_daemon
  1. To register resources with the clearinghouse run the following on the boss system:
     $ /usr/testbed/sbin/protogeni/register_resources