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     1= Programmable Edge Node Evaluation =
     3Programmable Edge Nodes (PEN) nodes project provide virtualized network interface cards(VNICs)
     4and virtual containers to support concurrent experiments. PEN allows experiment measurement and
     5some diagnostics.
     7Information about the PEN project can be found at Computer Architecture and Network Systems (CANS) Lab at UMass Lowell
     8[ portal] where the following documents are available:
     10 * PEN Hardware and Software Architecture
     11 * Integration of PEN with ProtoGENI
     12 * Use cases
     14Software is also available at this site for the following packages:
     16 * PEN integration with ProtoGENI modules source code. (Intern Evan Zhang wrote these scripts at Umass)
     17 * Virtual PEN NIC device drivers source code
     18 * PEN virtual containers (Virtual router template) for OpenVZ
     20Time frame: This evaluation took place on July 7, 2010.
     22= Programmable Edge Node Findings =
     24Reviewed READMEs which are available for each of the 3 software packages listed above.
     26In general instructions are minimal and inconsistent between the packages.  Most lacking in:
     28 * detail and context
     29 * versioning
     30 * pre-requisites
     32= Programmable Edge Node How-to =
     34Download each of the three software packages found at the [ PEN Portal] along with
     35a README file for each:
     371. Package penScripts.tar.gz delivers the PEN integration with ProtoGENI modules source code. It is made up of 5 perl scripts:
     39 * pcpen_setup, pcpen_cancel and pcpen_delete:  To be installed on boss system in /usr/testbed/bin. Used by component manager to setup a virtual machine on the PEN node, bring down a virtual machine on the PEN node, and free the virtual node from the Reserved table.
     40 * ve_setup and ve_cancel: To be installed on PEN hosts in directory specified by $scriptRoot.
     422. Packages ethdev.tgz delivers the virtual PEN NIC device drivers source code. The readme provides installation instructions, but attempts to build fails with a missing file.  ''' Need to investigate '''
     443. Package OpenVZ_Quagga.tar.gz delivers a  fedora_7_router.tar.gz to be placed as is in /vz/template/cache. Also delivered numerous container configuration files.