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     1= ProtoGENI Test Tools Evaluation =
     3The ProtoGENI Test Scripts are a suite of command line tools that can be used as a user interface to control ProtoGENI facilities.  Package evaluated was found at the [ Test Scritps] page and
     4using instructions from the page a tarball was downloaded from [ here].
     6ProtoGENI Test Scripts Time frame: This evaluation took place June 3-7, 2010.
     8= ProtoGENI Findings =
     10The PGTools work is a port of the Emulab tools to ProtoGENI APIs as a backend and are found in
     11the protogeni/test directory of the Emulab source distribution. and also in the Emulab OPS node.
     13The tutorial is very helpful and is a must for anyone starting to us these tools.  No meaningful issues were found during this evaluation.
     16= ProtoGENI Test Tools How-to =
     18'''ProtoGENI Test Scripts Hot-to'''
     20Must follow the very detailed setup instructions at the [ ProtoGENI tutorial] Page.  The list below is a summary of the actions that are required setup to use PGTools. Details can be found in the  tutorial:
     22 1. Get an account by sending email request to
     23 2. Join an existing project
     24 3. Generate SSL certificate
     25 4. Generate and updaload SSH keys
     27You are now ready to use the test tools provided for ProtoGENI.
     29Slice was created using this very simple three node rspec registered a slice:
     31lnevers@riva:~/protogeni-tests$ ./ -n ln_slice_pgt
     32Got my SA credential
     33No such slice registered here:Creating new slice called ln_slice_pgt
     34New slice created:
     36and created a sliver:
     38lnevers@riva:~/protogeni-tests$ ./ -n ln_slice_pgt 3node.xml
     39Got my SA credential
     40Asking for slice credential for ln_slice_pgt
     41Got the slice credential
     42Creating the Sliver ...
     43Created the sliver
     44<rspec xmlns="">
     45 <node virtual_id="geni1" virtualization_type="raw" exclusive="1" component_urn="" component_uuid="de9ea263-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" component_manager_urn="" component_manager_uuid="28a10955-aa00-11dd-ad1f-001143e453fe" sliver_uuid="de9ea263-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" hostname="" sshdport="22" sliver_urn="">
     46   <interface virtual_id="virt0" component_id="eth4"/>
     47   <disk_image name=""/>
     48 <services><login authentication="ssh-keys" hostname="" port="22"/></services></node>
     49 <node virtual_id="geni2" virtualization_type="raw" exclusive="1" component_urn="" component_uuid="de9fca0e-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" component_manager_urn="" component_manager_uuid="28a10955-aa00-11dd-ad1f-001143e453fe" sliver_uuid="de9fca0e-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" hostname="" sshdport="22" sliver_urn="">
     50   <interface virtual_id="virt0" component_id="eth2"/>
     51   <interface virtual_id="virt1" component_id="eth4"/>
     52   <disk_image name=""/>
     53 <services><login authentication="ssh-keys" hostname="" port="22"/></services></node>
     54 <node virtual_id="geni3" virtualization_type="raw" exclusive="1" component_urn="" component_uuid="de9dfa4f-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" component_manager_urn="" component_manager_uuid="28a10955-aa00-11dd-ad1f-001143e453fe" sliver_uuid="de9dfa4f-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe" hostname="" sshdport="22" sliver_urn="">
     55   <interface virtual_id="virt0" component_id="eth4"/>
     56   <disk_image name=""/>
     57 <services><login authentication="ssh-keys" hostname="" port="22"/></services></node>
     58 <link virtual_id="link0" link_type="VLAN" sliver_uuid="486be29b-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" sliver_urn="">
     59   <interface_ref virtual_interface_id="virt0" virtual_node_id="geni1" sliver_uuid="48c1eb45-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" component_urn="" sliver_urn="" MAC="000423a8fc0e" IP=""/>
     60   <interface_ref virtual_interface_id="virt0" virtual_node_id="geni2" sliver_uuid="49372ba4-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" component_urn="" sliver_urn="" MAC="000423b71496" IP=""/>
     61 </link>
     62 <link virtual_id="link1" link_type="VLAN" sliver_uuid="49f0b3ea-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" sliver_urn="">
     63   <interface_ref virtual_interface_id="virt1" virtual_node_id="geni2" sliver_uuid="4a815d37-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" component_urn="" sliver_urn="" MAC="000423b714a6" IP=""/>
     64   <interface_ref virtual_interface_id="virt0" virtual_node_id="geni3" sliver_uuid="4af60f64-8059-11df-ad83-001143e453fe" component_urn="" sliver_urn="" MAC="000423b71e02"/>
     65 </link>
     67 <valid_until>2010-08-14T12:00:00</valid_until>
     68 -->
     73Checked the status for the newly created sliver:
     76lnevers@riva:~/protogeni-tests$ ./ -n ln_slice_pgt
     77Got my SA credential. Looking for slice ...
     78Found the slice, asking for a credential ...
     79Got the slice credential, asking for a sliver credential ...
     80Got the sliver credential, asking for sliver status
     81{'status': 'ready', 'state': 'started', 'details': {'': {'status': 'ready', 'state': 'started', 'component_urn': '', 'error': ''}, '': {'status': 'ready', 'state': 'started', 'component_urn': '', 'error': ''}, '': {'status': 'ready', 'state': 'started', 'component_urn': '', 'error': ''}}}
     85Renew Slice:
     87$ ./ -n ln_slice_pgt 43200
     88Got my SA credential
     89Found the slice, asking for a credential ...
     90Got the slice credential, renewing the slice at the SA ...
     91Renewed the slice, asking for slice credential again
     92Got the slice credential, renewing the sliver
     93Sliver has been renewed until 20100801T12:36:52
     95Example on how to set up a tunnel between Utah and Kentucky emulab sites:
     97lnevers@riva:~/protogeni-tests$ ./ -n ln_slice_pgt ukgeni utahemulab