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     2= Internet Scale Overlay Hosting =
     4The experimental system prototype for implementing the Internet Scale Overlay Hosting services is named Supercharged !PlanetLab Platform(SPP).  Information reviewed for SPP and its tutorial is available at:
     6 * [ Internet Scale Overlay Hosting]
     7 * [ The SPP Tutorial]
     9SPP can be accessed at the Washington University's [ SPP PlanetLab] Site.
     11= Internet Scale Overlay Hosting Findings =
     12SPP is a high performance substitute for a typical !PlanetLab node, which normally is a PC running a customized Linux running multiple virtual machines, using a Linux vServer mechanism.  The SPP design modifies this definition to achieve these goals:
     13 * Increase performance
     14 * Scale by incorporating multiple servers
     15 * Use Network Processor blades
     16 * Improve control of computing and networking resources
     18Both hardware and software components have been used to implement SPP, a high level outline is given below:
     20'''=> SPP Hardware Components'''
     22The system consists of a number of processing components that are connected by an Ethernet switching layer. The most significant parts of the system are the 2 types of Processing Engines:
     23 * General Purpose Processing Engine (GPE) - A dual processor blade (Radisys ATCA 4310) with 2 network GbE interfaces.
     24 * Network Processing Engine (NPE) - A Radisys ATCA 7010 blade with 2 Intel IXP 2850 Network Processors subsystems. NPE supports fast path processing and provides up to 10 Gb/s of IO bandwidth.
     25 * Line Card (LC) is used to handle all input and output.
     26 * Switching Substrate - A chassis switch (Radisys ATCA 2210) with 2 switches (1 fabric switch w/10 GbE ports, 1 base switch w/1 GbE ports)
     27 * ATCA Chassis - A Zephyr Shroff 5U six slot ATCA chassis to force component reboot.
     28 * Control Processor - a Dell !PowerEdge 860 that allows maintenance access to base/fabric switches, serial interfaces, chassis switch blade, and the GPEs. 
     29 * NetFPGA - a Xilinx Virtex 2 Pro 50 FPGA PCI card with 4 network connections available for forwarding.
     31'''=> Network Processor Datapath Software'''
     33Various software components use the Line Card to process incoming and outgoing traffic. One Line Card Network Processor is used to process incoming traffic and one s used to process outgoing traffic. The packet processing is structured as a pipeline where packets flow across stages which use one or more Micro Engine (ME). A detailed description is available at [ SPP Data Path Software].
     36'''=> Control Software'''
     38The central component of the system is the System Resource Manager(SRM).  The SRM retrieves slice descriptions from !PlanetLab Central (PLC), creates the slices, and allocates slice resources.  A detailed description of the control software is available at [ SPP Control Software].
     41Note: Milestone SPP.S2.a geniwrapper, due 03/31/10 is late.  Not sure if requesting access to the web site listed makes sense before geniwrapper is delivered.