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GPO GEC8 Demonstrations

The GEC8 Demonstrations using Open Flow included a SmartRe demo and a Pathlet Routing demo.

Following are diagrams capturing the software and the system (in parenthesis) used for each of the demos:

Following is a list of software and version used for these demos. Also listed are the contributors that provided details captured:

  • OpenFlow-capable HP ProCurve 6600-48G-4Xg switch with HP firmware version 2.02e. Run on switch habanero.
  • OpenFlow-capable NEC S3640 switch with NEC firmware rev278. Run on switch cayenne.
  • FlowVisor version 0.6.alpha16 on ASRock ION Nettop. Run on troy an Ubuntu Karmic VM.

=> Information provided by Josh Smift (Josh Smift).

  • SmartRE controller from smartre module tagged nox_bbn_ctrl-release-gec8. Run on nineveh an Ubuntu Karmic VM.
  • Broadcast controller from bcasttraffic module tagged nox_bbn_ctrl-release-gec8, SVN location. Run on port 50804 on nineveh an Ubuntu Karmic VM.
  • BBN monitor NOX module module tagged nox_bbn_ctrl-release-gec8 with a pre-requisite of NOX-0.89, running on on nineveh an Ubuntu Karmic VM.
  • Click software version 1.6 and SmartRE Click module available as attachments on the SmartRe page. Run on eisande and euskerria, both Ubuntu Karmic VMs.

=> Information provided by Niky Riga (

  • Apache server httpd-2.0.63 running on port 9080. Run on a Linux 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5PAE system.

=> Information provided by Niky Riga (

  • The Aster*x controller at Stanford. Based on NOX0.4, the tag used was GEC8.
  • The Aster*x software on ganel, gardil, and sardis, all 3 are Fedora 8 systems. Tag GEC8.

=> Information provided by Srini Seethataman (Srini Seetharaman)

  • Expedient Control Framework software was run on the uruk VMs. Documentation is available including: a tutorial for users, an API document for developers and an installation guide for administrators.

=> Status: Information request to Rob Sherwood ( and Jad Naous ( Jad Naous believes that commit c80e397f6d18e4cbf75251f81c1aad24d8228ee1 was used, unable to verify, VM no longer available.

  • MyPLC (myplc-5.0-4.planetlab) on miletus a Fedora 8 VM.

MyPLC configuration (plc-config-tty) used:

== PLC_NAME : []
== PLC_SHORTNAME : [myplc4]
== PLC_SLICE_PREFIX : [gpo4]
== PLC_ROOT_USER : [root@localhost.localdomain]
== PLC_ROOT_PASSWORD : [not shown here]
== PLC_MAIL_ENABLED : [true]
== PLC_DB_HOST : []
== PLC_API_HOST : []
== PLC_WWW_HOST : []
== PLC_NET_DNS1 : []
== PLC_NET_DNS2 : [None] 

Images included planetlab-f8-i386-5.0-rc10 and util-vserver-pl-0.3-17 for all the myplc VM's.

=> Information provided by Manu and Chaos

SFA Configuration (sfa-config-tty) used:

   == SFA_INTERFACE_HRN : [plc.gpo4]
   == SFA_SM_HOST : []
   == SFA_PLC_USER : [root@localhost.localdomain]
   == SFA_PLC_PASSWORD : [h!K#71#s]
   == SFA_PLC_DB_HOST : []
   == SFA_PLC_DB_USER : [pgsqluser]
   == SFA_PLC_DB_PASSWORD : [3a6eff04-195d-4a74-9cd4-6d7df978c306]
   == SFA_PLC_URL : [https://localhost:443/PLCAPI/] 

Configuration in .sfi/sfi_config:


=> Information provided by Josh Karlin

  • Visualization software on ganel based on Silverlight is being checked in, waiting on SVN location. Ganel is a Fedora 8 system. Unable to capture the myql definition used at the time of the demo. The visualization software is available in SVN revision 363.

=> Information provided by Mark Berman (Mark Berman)

Additional Demo Information

Ticket 999 "document planetlab/myplc configuration used for Aster*x and Expedient demos" captures details relating to the GEC8 Demos.

Ticket 1012 "Layer 2 Aster*x demo"

This Aster*x page captures how to configure PlanetLab nodes in the Aster*x demo.

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