Troubleshooting Experiments in Labwiki

Common issues

This page contains tips and instructions for troubleshooting issues encountered when running experiments in Labwiki. Listed below are common problems encountered followed by steps to take to gather information and resolve the issue.

1. My experiment is stuck in a "Pending" state.

2. My graph does not show up when I run my experiment.

  1. Check the Labwiki logs to see if your resources are all communicating properly
    • Include examples here
  2. Make sure the OMF RC is running on each of your resources. You should see a status of "start/running" rather than "stopped".
    • Log in to each resource
    • Check the status of the omf_rc service
      $ service omf_rc status
      omf_rc start/running, process 15228
  3. Make sure the OMF RC is configured to communicate with the AMQP server at
    • Look in /etc/omf_rc/config.yaml
    • You should see the following line:
      :uri: amqp://
    • If this address is not correct, you can change it and restart the omf_rc service. (Make sure to use sudo)
      $ sudo service omf_rc restart
      omf_rc stop/waiting
      omf_rc start/running, process 18391
  4. Check the logs at /var/log/omf_rc.log for error messages

Guide to messages in the Labwiki logs

To access more detailed logs on your experiment…

  • Search for your experiment name in the search field of the 'Execute' pane and click on it.

  • Look for the script address. Open this address in a new browser tab.

  • Look for the log file address. Click on this address to open it.

  • You should now see the detailed log entries.

In a successful experiment, you should see log entries like these…

These log entries indicate that you have a problem…

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