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Description of Test Cases for GIMI Functionality



Compatible AMs


Compatible AMs

Experiment Scripts

Step 1: Create GIMI slice

Pre-conditions: None

Using one of the Rspecs listed above, create a slice using omni or the GENI portal and add resources at one of the compatible aggregate managers.

Expected Result:

  1. A sliver with the following topology is created at one of the aggregate managers.

<insert image here>

  1. All nodes are in a ready state.
  2. OMF RC is running on each node and /var/log/omf_rc.log shows entries similar to this:
        insert log messages here

Step 2: Log in to Labwiki


  • You have an account at an InCommon institution or the GENI IdP
  • You are a member of at least one project in the GENI CH.

Go to the URL and log in with a GENI Portal user account.

Expected result:

You are successfully logged in to Labwiki and your name appears in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3: Create an Experiment Context


You are logged in to Labwiki.

  1. Click on "Add Context" in the upper right hand corner of the Labwiki page to create a new experiment context.

  1. Select a project, enter a name for your experiment, and click on 'Save'.

Expected result:

  • The context saves successfully.
  • The context is available in the drop-down box in the Execute pane.

Step 4: Load Experiment Script

Step 5: Execute Experiment Script

A. Drag script from Prepare to Execute panel

B. Fill out the form

C. Start experiment

Step 6: Dump Results to iRODS