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Type Request Rspec Version Manifest Rspec Request Elements Request Attributes Manifest Elements Manifest Attributes
InstaGENI - Xen 4XenVMs_star_PubIP.request 3 4XenVMs_star_PubIP.manifest emulab:routable_control_ip, interface, interface_ref, link, node, property, rspec, sliver_type client_id, dest_id, exclusive, generated, generated_by, name, source_id, type emulab:routable_control_ip, host, interface, interface_ref, ip, link, login, node, property, rs:vnode, rspec, services, sliver_type address, authentication, client_id, component_id, component_manager_id, dest_id, exclusive, expires, generated, generated_by, hostname, mac_address, name, port, sliver_id, source_id, type, username
InstaGENI - Openvz
ExoGENI Four_ExoGENI_VMs_on_a_LAN.request 3 Four_ExoGENI_VMs_on_a_LAN.manifest disk_image, interface, interface_ref, ip, link, link_type, node, rspec, sliver_type address, client_id, encoding, name, netmask, type, version
ProtoGENI Four_nodes__diamond_topology.request 3 Four_nodes__diamond_topology.manifest interface, interface_ref, link, link_type, node, property, rspec client_id, dest_id, encoding, name, source_id, type, version
EG with postboot script 4nodes.request 3 4nodes.manifest component_manager, disk_image, flack:interface_info, flack:link_info, flack:node_info, interface, interface_ref, ip, link, node, ns3:geni_slice_info, ns4:geni_sliver_info, ns5:services_post_boot_script, rspec, services, sliver_type address, addressBound, bound, client_id, component_manager_id, creation_time, creator_urn, exclusive, expiration_time, generated, generated_by, name, netmask, resource_id, start_time, state, type, unbound, unboundVlantag, urn, uuid, version, vlantag, x, y
EG with install/execute GIMIgec18.request 3 GIMIgec18.manifest
EG Shared VLAN One_ExoGENI_VM_on_the_OpenFlow_mesoscale.request 3 One_ExoGENI_VM_on_the_OpenFlow_mesoscale.manifest
Delay Node Two_nodes_with_one_delay_node.request 3 Two_nodes_with_one_delay_node.manifest
GEMINI extensions
Color extensions

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