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     10=== 1.1) Goals ===
     12        a)  GIMI (also GEMINI) to work with both ExoGENI and InstaGENI  [[BR]]
     13        b)  Consistent user experience, both racks, both sets of I&M tools [[BR]]
     14        c)  Implement basic workflow per  and  [[BR]]
     15                Issue:   what range of workflows must be supported?  small (classroom exercise);  medium  (research experiment);  large  (long-running service, with opt-in)   [[BR]]
     16                Answer:  eventually all of these, but with an emphasis on small and medium at this time;  should have a way to extend medium to large;  Sol 4 calls for shakedown experiments that are large [[BR]]
     17        d)  Easy to setup basic set of measurements (towards unified experiment environment) [[BR]]
     18                Issue:  what are basic set of measurements?   [[BR]]
     19                Answer:  at least "passive host measurements", and "mesh of pings between nodes" [[BR]]
     20        e)  Easy to mix-and-match tools, as go from step to step, with automatic transfer of info between steps/tools [[BR]]
     21        f)  Easy to configure and then visualize (graph) measurements, starting from a graphical (or tabular) view of the topology of resources [[BR]]
     22                Issue:  But, starting from a starting from a graphical (or tabular) view of the topology of resources to configure desired measurements is not always best.  For example, for a classroom exercise, may want a pre-defined experiment, with a pre-define measurement configuration.  For example, for a large experiment with 100s of nodes, it is not practical or useful to drive measurements from a graphical view of the topology;  want to do everything with a script. [[BR]]
     23                Answer:  Should be easy to configure and then visualize (graph) measurements, but the mechanism will likely differ depending on the type of experiment:  small (predefined), medium, large.  Nonetheless, should provide a method to serve all three that is not cumbersome for the experimenter.  For a large experiment, will need to be able to use a script.   [[BR]]
     24        h)  Ability to simultaneously run multiple measurement sessions (e.g., passive host, mesh of pings, intermittent iperf, and experiment specific), each with multiple measurements and multiple graphs, during an experiment [[BR]]
     25        i)  Stay consistent with Spiral 5 GIMI SOW [[BR]]
     27=== 1.2) Slice with GIMI I&M Tools Configuration  ===
     29See [  figures]  [[br]]
     31 * Fig 4a)  GIMI I&M tools Config Spiral 5 [[br]]
     32 * Fig 5)  GIMI Portal Config [[br]]
     33 * Fig 7)  OML Result Isolation [[br]]
     34 * Fig 8)  IRODS Config [[br]]
     35 * Fig 1b)  A&A:  to iRODS with GSI [[br]]
     36 * Fig 1c)  A&A:  ti iRODS with ticket [[br]]
     37 * Gif 4b)  WiMAX site config Spiral 5 [[br]]
     39=== 1.3) Detailed Workflow ===
     42=== 1.4) GIMI Portal Configuration ===
     45=== 1.5) GIMI Portal Implementation ===
     48=== 1.6) Acceptance tasks ===
    4281 042213;  4pm EDT;  discuss iticket for iRODS
    44  042913;  4pm EDT
     83 042913;  4pm EDT;  discuss planning meeting 5/2- 5/3 for GIMI Portal;  discuss interop status;  discuss GSAS status
    4685 051313;  2-4pm EDT;  demo