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Basic Tutorial/Experiment with GIMI v1.1 I&M Tools: Instructions

Tutorial Overview

  • What is the goal of the tutorial?
  • This tutorial will show how to reserve resources with Flukes tool, implement experiments on ExoGENI testbed via command line based OML/OMF or web based GIMI portal (IREEL).
  • In this tutorial, Users are expected to get familiar with GIMI portal service and command line based OML/OMF, in order to submit experiment scripts, run experiments, and get visualized results.
  • As GIMI I&M service example, users will get hands on experience on an realistic video streaming experiment.

Common Errors

  • Be careful cutting and pasting
    • Doesn’t work from Trac
    • Sometimes even txt file inserts hidden characters
    • Some lines require edits; don’t cut and paste the newline
    • Make terminal windows big
    • Sometimes terminal gets corrupted when pasting a line that runs to the next line (especially when backspacing)
    • Here you can find some shortcuts on cutting and pasting for tools that run in VirtualBox.

Getting Ready

Tutorial Outline


A: Establish Environment

B: Obtain Slice

C: Orchestrate/Run Experiment

D: Observe Results

E: Push to iRODS

F: Analyze

G: Pull from iRODS

H: Clean Up

Support for Experimenters

  • What can be done after GEC15?
  • What resources are available?
  • Who do they contact with questions/problems?

I&M Tools: Basic Test/Tutorial/Experiment Workflow

0) Overview of experiment

1) Establish experiment environment

2) Obtain slice of GENI resources, install I&M tools and experiment services

3) Configure I&M tools and experiment services

4) Run and orchestrate I&M services and experiment services to complete run of experiment

5) Analyze and visualize measurement results after completing run of experiment

6) Move selected collected measurements and other artifacts from storage service to long-term archive service

7) Release experiment resources

3) Configure I&M tools and experiment services

3.1) Configure selected I&M services

  • objectives:
    • binds services together, e.g., between each MP and the MC
    • configures baseline services
    • verifies that they are ready to run

  • at completion: configured I&M services, ready to run and collect data

3.2) Configure selected experiment services

  • objectives:
    • binds services together to realize overall reference/actual experiment
    • configures baseline services
    • verifies that they are ready to run

  • at completion: configured experiment services, ready to run and process data, which can be observed by I&M services

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