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B. Obtain Slice

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2) Obtain slice of GENI resources, install I&M tools and experiment services

B.1 Select target aggregates

In this tutorial, we focus on ExoGENI and do not select any additional aggregates. In future tutorials we will present how GIMI can support experiments on other aggregates and a combination of aggregates (e.g., ExoGENI and WiMAX).

B.2 Formulate slice topology for experiment, and build request rspec

We will not go into any detail on this topic since this is covered in the ExoGENI tutorial.

B.2 Acquire resources and load images/packages for I&M tools and experiment services

B.2.1 Flukes

B.2.1.1 Download the RDF file that describes the ExoGENI topology for your experiment with the following commands:

Don't forget to replace gimiXX with your current userID.
$ cd ~/Tutorials/GIMI/gimiXX
$ wget

B.2.1.2 Before experimenters can use Flukes, its properties file has to be modified.

Open the properties file with your favorite text editor (e.g., nano):

$ nano ~/

Then change the file as indicated below.

# Do not change these
ssh.options=-o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -X

# replace XX with your user index (with leading 0, if necessary)

Now start Flukes by double-clicking on the icon on the VM's desktop.

B.2.1.3 In the tutorial VM start Flukes and load gimiXX.rdf. (Also here, replace gimiXX with your assigned user ID.) In Flukes select Files->Open Request->select gimiXX.rdf in ~/Tutorials/GIMI/gimiXX.

B.2.1.4 Verify settings and create slice. First select the the Request View tab.

  • To verify settings right-click on each node and select Edit Properties
  • To create a slice enter your slice name gimiXX-tutorial in to the empty field next to the Submit Request button and the click the latter.

B.2.1.5 To check if all the resources have come up go to the Manifest View tab and enter your slice name (gimiXX-tutorial) into the empty field. Then click Query for Manifest. After a short moment a box with all the requested resources and their respective status will appear. (This box does not update automatically and you have to hit the Query for Manifest button again to receive and update).

B.2.2 Omni

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2.1) Select target aggregates 2.2) Select desired software images/packages for I&M tools and experiment services

2.3) Obtain certs, credentials, passwords and keys

2.4) Formulate slice topology for experiment, and build request rspec

2.5) Acquire resources and load images/packages for I&M tools and experiment services

2.6) Start selected software processes

2.7) Confirm slice with installed I&M tools and experiment services Back to previous step Forward to next step Back to tutorial main page

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