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    3131=== C.1 Initial Setup ===
    33 === C.1.1 Verification of Topology ===
     33=== C.1.1 Starting the OML Server (if needed) ===
     34For this tutorial we have an OML server running on, which collects the measurement data in an sqlite3 database and at the end of the experiment it pushes the data to IRODS.
     35   * Here is how you would have to start an OML server if you wanted to run this on a different machine (OML2.8 is required.)
     38<span style="color:red">DO NOT perform this task in the tutorial.
     42 This is explained the [OML installation file].
     45$ oml2-server --listen=3003 --data-dir=~ --logfile=oml_server.log -H ~/oml2-2.8.0/server/
     48The latest version of OML offers the capability of executing a script after the measurement has finished. In OML terminology this is called a "hook". The hook script we use is attached at the bottom of this wiki page (
     51=== C.1.2 Verification of Topology ===
    3452After establishing the slice on which the experiment will be executed, the experimenter will be most likely
    3553be interested in verifying if the slice has been initiated correctly. In this tutorial, we use an OMF experiment
    197215Where gimiXX has to be replaced by the slice name you are using for your experiment.
    199 === C.1.2 Setup Routing in Experiment Topology ===
     217=== C.1.3 Setup Routing in Experiment Topology ===
    200218In more complex topologies routing has to be set up. In our case, this is achieved with the aid of an
    201219OMF experiment script. The one we use for this tutorial is shown below.