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GIMI Tutorial v1.1: Video Streaming Analysis on ExoGENI

1. Goals

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce the GIMI tool set to experimenters who are interested in performing experiments on ExoGENI slices. We will introduce an experiment workflow which experimenters will most likely apply to perform measurements.

After the tutorial, experimenters should be able to perform their own experiments.

2. Configuration

3. Workflow

In this part of the tutorial we give a brief overview on the experiment workflow. GIMI is providing experimenters with a set of tools that will aid them in allocation GENI resource (currently this is limited to ExoGENI resources), execute experiments, and perform measurements while these experiments are running. In addition, the GIMI tools will allow experimenters to analyze and visualize measurement data. Finally, a federated set of iRODS servers provides an archival service.
The figure below illustrate what we describe as the experiment workflow. During the tutorial we will walk through the single steps of this workflow with the goal to have experimenters apply this workflow for their own experiments.

Image Map


The image below illustrates the ExoGENI topology that we will create within the scope of this tutorial. The experiment described above will be executed on the basis of this topology. Note, that NodeC is running in a different physical location (BBN) than the other nodes (RENCI). In Section Obtain Slice, we will go through the process of setting up and obtaining a slice that represents this topology.

Experiment Topology

The routing in this topology is set up as follows:


5. Help

In the following we list set of resources which experimenters can make use of to obtain further help if required:

0) Overview of experiment

0.1) Title and abstract

0.2) Goals

0.3) Configuration

0.4 Process (flow chart) First step in workflow (Establish Environment) Back to tutorial main page

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