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GIMI v1.1 Design Topics

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1 Define overall configuration and SOW for Spiral 5 Mike/Cong/DelipIlia/Shu/Max and Harry/Jeanne Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Reviewed 9/18; 9/19; 9/27; plan 10/1
2 Define detailed plan for GENI Storage and Archive Service, based on iRODS Shu Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/28, draft plan provided.
3 Define detailed plan for GIMI Portal in Spiral 5, based on IREEL and LabWiki Max Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/27, begin discussion
3b What can GIMI Portal provide for GEC15? multi-user? real-time? post? push/pull iRODS? Max Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/27, begin discussion
4 Describe reference experiment for GEC15 tutorial; consider video content distribution, orchestrated with OMF Mike/Cong/Delip Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
5 Provide story board and reference workflow for experiments/tutorials Jeanne/Harry Color(green,Complete)? See story board and document
5b Need to agree on having GIMI GEC15 tutorial follow steps in the reference workflow Jeanne/Harry and team Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
5c Need to identify owner of workflow for GIMI GEC15 tutorial Team Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?