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GIMI Acceptance Test Plan

The GIMI tests will build on the GPO ExoGENI test plan.


  1. Select aggregate manager
  2. Select target resource configuration
  3. Select target software configuration
  4. Select tools
  5. Select extension
  6. Run scripts
    1. get resources
    2. load software
    3. configure software
    4. test functions
    5. evaluate performance

Assumptions and Dependencies

The following assumptions are made for all tests described in this plan:

GPO ProtoGENI credentials from are used for all tests.
GPO ProtoGENI is the Slice Authority for all tests.
All Service Manager (SM) requests MUST be made MUST be made via the Omni command line tool which uses the GENI AM API.
In all scenarios, one experiment is always equal to one slice.
Compute resources are VMs unless otherwise stated.

Aggregate Managers


Experiment control tools



iREEL Portal

iRODS client i-commands

Target resource configurations

1. One aggregate (ExoGENI)

  1. 3 raw PCs (1 MC, 2 MP)
  1. 1 raw PC (MC) + 2VMs (MPs)
  1. 3 VMs (1 MC, 2MPs)
  1. More MPs?

2. Two aggregates (one slice)

  1. Common node in one aggregate, 2 MPs in the other (possible?)
  1. Common node in one aggregate, 1 MP in each (possible?)
  1. 1 Common node and 1-2 MPs in each aggregate

Target software configurations

1. Static install (full images)

  • with rspec

2. Dynamic install (packages on top of generic images)

  • with Gush
  • with rspec?

3. Add experimenter applications

  • use OMF EC enable/disable app and I&M services


Required services

  • OMF Messaging Server
  • iRODS Server
  • iREEL Web Server

Test Descriptions

XXX Acceptance Tests

GIM-XX-1. Title