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Instructions for using the GEC14 Tutorial VM for GIMI

Logging in

Login information for the VM should be in the email that was sent with the download information.
Email Jeanne if you cannot find it.

Once you are on the VM, you can access the credentials directly in the directory: /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI.
There is a directory for each user. The ssh directory contains the certificate, keystore, and ssh keys.

Pick a user and use the associated password send in a previous email.

Updating the code

You can get the latest scripts and rdf files by changing to the GIMI common directory and doing a git pull:

$ cd ~/Tutorials/GIMI/common
$ git pull

Using Flukes

Edit /home/geniuser/ to point to your credentials. Change all instances of gimiXX to your chosen username.

Start Flukes by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.

You can find the tutorial topology RDF at /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI/common/gec14.rdf.

The alias and password for the JKS are the same as the credential username and password. alias = username (e.g. gimi01) password = password

Configuring iRODS

You can find a GIMI template at /home/geniuser/.irods/gimiIrodsEnv. Copy this file to .irodsEnv, change all instances of gimiXX to your username and run iinit:

$ cd ~/.irods
$ cp gimiIrodsEnv .irodsEnv
$ sed -e 's/gimiXX/gimi01/g' .irodsEnv
$ iinit

Running experiment

You can find the ED files in /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI/common.

Run the experiment according to the documented instructions.


Notify Jeanne if you run into any issues with the Tutorial VM.