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     3== Instructions for using the GEC14 Tutorial VM for GIMI ==
     5=== Logging in ===
     7Login information for the VM should be in the email that was sent with the download information.[[BR]]
     8Email Jeanne if you cannot find it.
     10Once you are on the VM, you can access the credentials directly in the directory:
     11/home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI.[[BR]] There is a directory for each user.  The ssh
     12directory contains the certificate, keystore, and ssh keys.
     14Pick a user and use the associated password send in a previous email.[[BR]]
     16=== Updating the code ===
     18You can get the latest scripts and rdf files by changing to the GIMI common directory
     19and doing a git pull:
     22$ cd ~/Tutorials/GIMI/common
     23$ git pull
     27=== Using Flukes ===
     29Edit /home/geniuser/ to point to your credentials.
     30Change all instances of gimiXX to your chosen username.
     32Start Flukes by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.
     34You can find the tutorial topology RDF at /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI/common/gec14.rdf.
     36=== Configuring iRODS ===
     38You can find a GIMI template at /home/geniuser/.irods/gimiIrodsEnv.
     39Copy this file to .irodsEnv, change all instances of gimiXX to your username and run iinit:
     42$ cd ~/.irods
     43$ cp gimiIrodsEnv .irodsEnv
     44$ sed -e 's/gimiXX/gimi01/g' .irodsEnv
     45$ iinit
     48=== Running experiment ===
     50You can find the ED files in /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GIMI/common.
     52Run the experiment according to the [wiki:GIMIv1.0Tutorial documented instructions].
     55=== Issues? ===
     57Notify Jeanne if you run into any issues with the Tutorial VM.