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GIMI Acceptance Test Status

Static Installation

One Agg, CN outside slice

Step Status Date Tested Open Tickets
1. Establish test/experiment environment Color(green,Pass)? 8/6/2012
2. Obtain slice of GENI resources Color(green,Pass)? 8/6/2012
3. Run and orchestrate experiment Color(green,Pass)? 8/6/2012
4. Push results to iRODS archive service Color(green,Pass)? 8/6/2012
5. Analyze results Color(red,Fail)? 8/6/2012 #2
6. Observe analysis results Color(orange,Blocked)?
7. Push Analysis Results to iRODS archive service Color(orange,Blocked)?
8. Release resources, and cleanup Color(green,Pass)? 8/6/2012

One Agg, CN inside slice

Two Agg, CN outside slice

Two Agg, CN in EACH agg

Two Agg, CN in ONE agg

Dynamic Installation on Debian


Color(green, Pass)? All items under test performs as expected
Color(yellow, Provisionally Pass)? Items under test perform as expected with workarounds in place
Color(red, Fail)? Items under test did not perform as expected
Color(orange, Blocked)? Test is blocked on other test failures or service conditions
Color(turquoise, In Progress)? Test is currently being executed