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This page gives some general information on omf_web

omf_web is a web-based data visualization service that is built on top of OMF and OML. The source, documentation, and example visualizations can be obtained here.

Installing OMF_WEB

Omf-Web is a git repository which also uses the omf_oml library functions. In order to run omf-web, the omf_oml has to be installed as well.
Run the following command

git clone
(To install git: Go to

Installing OMF_OML

Go back to the home directory where you have installed omf_web.
git clone

From any directory or subdirectory to update a git repository:
git update

Standard omf_web examples

OMF_WEB=where you installed omf_web
$cd $OMF_WEB/example
$ruby -I ../lib -I ../../omf_oml/lib demo/demo_viz_server.rb --port 3100 start

Starts the demo server on port 3100 of localhost machine.
Point your browser to port 3100 on the localhost.

OpenFlow Demo: $cd $OMF_WEB
$ruby -I lib -I ../omf_oml/lib example/openflow-gec15/of_viz_server.rb --local-testing --port 3100 start

Starts the openflow server on port 3100 of localhost machine
Point your browser to port 3100 on the localhost

Problems with Ruby version

Some machines may run Ruby1.8 and some may run Ruby1.9. Some machines have Ruby1.8 and Ruby1.9 running in parallel.
To install Ruby Version Manager(RVM) Install rvm with Ruby

Some other errors

`require': no such file to load -- rubygems
If you are getting the above error, a gem installation maybe required.
Try the following command:
$sudo apt-get install <name-of-gem>

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