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Basic Tutorial/Experiment with GIMI v1.2 I&M Tools: Instructions

Tutorial Overview

  • This tutorial will show how to reserve resources with Flukes tool, implement basic experiments on ExoGENI testbed via OML/OMF, analyze and visualize measurement results, and store and retrieve data to/from iRODS.
  • In this tutorial, Users are expected to get familiar with GIMI tools and command line based OML/OMF, in order to submit experiment scripts, run experiments, and get visualized results.
  • As GIMI I&M service example, users will get the experience of setting up a specific topology, add routing on top of that topology and measure the network performance based on UDP packet size.

Tutorial Outline


A: Establish Environment

B: Obtain Slice

C: Orchestrate/Run Experiment

D: Observe Results

E: Push to iRODS

F: Analyze

G: Pull from iRODS

H: Clean Up