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Setting up GENI-in-a-Box Development Environment for Fedora 15

Install OpenVZ

Follow instructions at

It is quite possible your VirtualBox guest additions will not work after you install OpenVZ. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a way of getting guest additions once OpenVZ is installed.

Install GCF

  1. Install your private key in ~/.ssh and make sure your public key has been uploaded to the server with the git repository.

2 Clone the repository and switch to the geni-in-a-box branch:

$ git clone
$ cd gcf
$ git branch geni-in-a-box
$ git pull origin geni-in-a-box

You must have get a GPO Lab account before you can clone the repository. To get an account email

  1. Run the script that sets up the OS in the VM:
    $ cd ~/gcf/src/geni/am/gibaggregate/standardScripts
    $ ./

You'll be prompted for the root password as the script includes sudo commands.

  1. Edit the sudoers file to allow sudo without a tty
    $ sudo visudo
  1. Make sure the root account and the gib account have the password in ~/.gcf/passwords. Change the root and gib account passwords if necessary to match that in the ~/.gcf/passwords file.
  1. Restart the VM. When it starts up the AM and CH should be running. If they are you'll find their outputs logged at /tmp/am-log and /tmp/ch-log respectively.
  1. Run some tests using Omni.