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GENI and Nordic Researchers Meeting

Larry Landweber (University of Wisconsin and GENI Project Office) and Dejan Kostic (KTH, Stockholm) organized GENI and Nordic Researchers Meeting, September 15, 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Meeting Archives

This page includes meeting presentations.


Andrei Gurtov PlanetLab, SDN and Other Testbeds in Finland.ppt

Anna Brunstrom Experimental Resources and Research at KAU.pdf

Chip Elliott The Rise of Software Defined Infrastructure.pdf

Glenn Ricart Applications of the Future.pptx

Jose Costa-Requena Virtualized EPC Integrated with SDN.pptx

Jukka Manner Netradar.pptx

Kurt Tutschku BTH’s Research in NV, NFV and Cloud Networking.ppt

Lawrence Landweber CloudLab.pdf

Mark Berman GENI Overview.pdf

Markus Hidell, Dejan Kostic, Peter Sjödin Software-Defined Networking and Cloud Computing at the NSLab.pdf

Pontus Sköldström Acreo and Future Internet Research.pdf

Raimo Kantola Customer Edge Switching – A large scale GENI experiment.pdf

Rick McGeer Distributed Cloud-Testbed Federation.html

Thomas Dreibholz The NorNet Testbed.pdf

Zhonghong Ou GENI-related research activities of CSE.pptx

Meeting Participants

Attendees:GENI and Nordic Researchers Meeting KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, September 15, 2014


  • Dejan Kostic
  • Peter Sjödin
  • Markus Hidell
  • Azimeh Sefidcon
  • Markus Fiedler
  • Mikhail Popov
  • Kurt Tutschku
  • Anna Brunström


  • Henrik Thostrup Jensen

Norway =

  • Thomas Dreibholz
  • Michael Welzel
  • Stein Gjessing

Finland Raimo Kantola Jörg Ott Jukka Manner Andrei Gurtov Ou Zhonghong

United States Mark Berman Chip Elliott Larry Landweber Rick McGeer Glenn Ricart

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