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    1010Abstract:  [[BR]]
    1111The tutorial provides attendees a hands-on experience using Orbit Management Framework (OMF) to define IP and Non-IP experiments across a multi-site GENI WiMAX deployment. The tutorial focuses on using OMF, a resource management, experiment control, and measurement framework to define and conduct experiments on a multi-site WiMAX deployment. This tutorial demonstrates the use of OMF experimenter tools to control and tune parameters of a complex WiMAX Base station to carefully collect and analyze test results in a repeatable manner. We will focus on the OMF interface for WiMAX and demonstrate the communication between WiMAX clients over the GENI layer two network. [[br]]
     15== 1.  Introduction to GENI WiMAX ==
     17'''Aim:''' Moitvation for GENI WiMAX, and brief overview.
     19In this section, we will introduce the motivation for GENI WiMAX sites also give a brief overview of the architecture of the WiMAX testbeds. (See [ attached slides].)[[br]]
     24== 2.  Organizing tutorial attendees into groups ==
     26'''Aim:''' Learn how to login to WiMAX site.
     28Requirements:  [[BR]]
     29Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as [ Putty] for Windows) and a web browser. [[br]]
     31We will also give instructions for participants to log into designated sites using their assigned credentials, to complete the hands-on portion of the tutorial.
     33'''Note to testbed operators: '''
     34 * We will prepare for 6 teams at Poly, 4 on sb4, 6 on grid (this gives us resources for 15 teams with one backup set). Manu will perform the tutorial at BBN and use screen sharing via Webex to project the demonstration to the tutorial participants.
     35 * Each team needs a username, password, address of console to log into, and names of two assigned nodes (and possibly address of experiment web interface and result service, if they are different from the console address)
     36 * To make things interesting, we would ideally give each team one node with a very good channel quality and one node with a fair channel quality. It's probably a good idea to figure out ahead of time which nodes have the desired channel quality (in the case of sb4, exactly what settings we want so that we will have the right signal strengths)
     37 * Remember to enable tutorial accounts before the tutorial begins.
     40== 3.  Preview of experiments ==
     42'''Aim:''' See a preview of experiments covered in this tutorial.
    1349Requirements:  [[BR]]