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University of Vermont at Burlington InstaGENI US Ignite Confirmation Tests

For details about the tests in this page, see the InstaGENI Confirmation Tests page.
For site status see the InstaGENI New Site Confirmation Tests Status page.

Note: Omni nick_names for site aggregates used for these tests are:,

IG-CT-1 - Access to New Site VM resources

Aggregate Version:

$ omni getversion -a uvm-ig

The InstaGENI version in "'code_tag':'98f2a1683425a2842cf169230ac1d754f9e35970'" is the same as the another InstaGENI site:

Site InstaGENI Code tag
louisiana-edu b8c4a40acdb95a6087eca62e6e02454ef3fb17ff
utdallas-edu 98f2a1683425a2842cf169230ac1d754f9e35970
uvm-edu 98f2a1683425a2842cf169230ac1d754f9e35970

Get list of "available" compute resources:

$ omni -a uvm-ig listresources --available -o

Verified that Advertisement RSpec only includes available resources, as requested:

$ egrep "node comp|available now" rspec-xxx

Created a slice:

$ omni createslice IG-CT-1

Created a 4 VMs sliver using the RSpec IG-CT-1-uvm.rspec:

$ omni createsliver -a uvm-ig IG-CT-1 IG-CT-1-uvm.rspec

The following is login information for the sliver:

$ readyToLogin -a uvm-ig IG-CT-1


Log into specified host and collect iperf and ping statistics. All measurements are collected over 60 seconds, using default images and default link bandwidth:

Iperf InstaGENI UVM VM-2 to VM-1 (TCP) - TCP window size: 23.5 KByte (default)

Collected: 2017-05-XX

One Client_

Five Clients

Ten Clients

Iperf InstaGENI UVM VM-2 to the VM-1 (UDP) - UDP buffer size: 224 KByte (default)

Ping from InstaGENI UVM VM-2 to the VM-1

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