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iMinds Stitching Computation Service

iMinds is Flanders' digital research center and business incubator established in 2004. The iMinds team runs a Stitching Computation Service (SCS) that supports both GENI and iMinds stitching computation at this location:

The iMinds SCS includes path information for iMinds aggregates end-points and GENI aggregate end-points. For stitching between:

  • GENI end-points only use the GENI SCS.
  • iMinds and GENI end-point use the iMinds SCS.

Please note, that the SCS was originally developed by Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) and for further information also see the Internet2 SCS page.


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Stitching Service Details

The iMinds SCS service is based on the GENI SCS service developed by the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads aka MAX. The iMinds SCS service includes known GENI stitching paths in addition to iMinds stitching paths.

Stitching Connections to iMinds End-points

Using GENI credentials and the jFed toolkit embedded in the GENI portal any GENI user can request resources in both GENI and iMinds environments. The jFed toolkit can also be accessed outside of GENI environment at this location.

Stitching Path details

iMinds resources

iMinds has 3 resource aggregates, but only two aggregates support stitching:

Aggregate name AM API V3 URL AM API V2
Virtual Wall 1
Virtual Wall 2

Stitching Information for Virtual Walls:

Link id remoteLinkId Stitching VLAN range 197,300-349,750-1000* 300-349

GENI Resources

The information about GENI paths may not be in synch between the iMinds SCS and the GENI SCS, if stitching between GENI sites only, please use the GENI SCS for details on available resources.

Topology Information

For a list of know stitching aggregate simply use the Omni tool to get a list of known aggregates. If using GCF 2.8 or later, simply specify "--scsURL" . For versions earlier than GCF 2.8, you must modify the script to set "SCS_URL ="

VLAN Translation

iMinds aggregates can do VLAN translation automatically.

Connection Inventory

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