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iMinds Aggregates

iMinds is Flanders' digital research center and business incubator organization established in 2004. The iMinds iLad-t Testbed has 3 Aggregate Managers that allows both Fed4FIRE or [htttp:// GENI] frameworks to be used to access resources. The three aggregates available at the iLad-t Testbed include:

  • Virtual Wall 1 aggregate:
    • GENI AM v2:
    • GENI AM v3:
  • Virtual Wall 2 aggregate:
    • GENI AM v2:
    • GENI AM v3:
  • w-iLab.t aggregate (wireless testbed):
    • GENI AM v2:
    • GENI AM v3:

In addition to the resource aggregates above, iMinds is also responsible for the iMinds Stitching Computation Service.


Submit issues or questions about the iMinds Aggregates to <insert email here for SCS issues contact>

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Establishing Connections

The iMinds iLab.t environment has 3 aggregates that can be used with GENI credentials and the jFed toolkit embedded in the GENI portal. Any GENI user can request resources in both GENI and iMinds environments:

Aggregate Name AM API URL V3 Stitching via iMinds SCS(*)
Virtual Wall 1 yes
Virtual Wall 2 Yes
w-iLab.t N/A

(*) Note: iMinds aggregates are also know the the GENI Test SCS.

Stitching path information and VLAN delegation for Virtual Walls aggregates:

Link id remoteLinkId Stitching VLAN range 197,300-349,750-1000* 300-349

iMinds Aggregates Resources

Virtual Wall 1 has 190 nodes:

  • 90 pcgen1 nodes: 2x Dual core AMD opteron 2212 (2GHz) CPU, 8GB RAM, 4x 80GB hard disk, 4-6 gigabit NICs per node
  • 100 pcgen2 nodes: 2x Quad core Intel E5520 (2.2GHz) CPU, 12GB RAM, 1x 160GB hard disk, 2-4 gigabit NICs per node

Virtual Wall 2 has 134 nodes:

  • 100 pcgen3 nodes: 2x Hexacore Intel E5645 (2.4GHz) CPU, 24GB RAM, 1x 250GB hard disk, 1-5 gigabit NICs per node
  • 6 pcgen1 nodes with 6 gigabit NICs
  • 28 pcgen4 nodes: 2x 8core Intel E5-2650v2 (2.6GHz) CPU, 48GB RAM, 1x 250GB hard disk, gigabit and 10gigabit connections

w-iLab.t is a wireless testbed, whose topology details are captured here.

Resources Status

Various Status checks are run by iMinds to monitor resources and access:

Experiment Resources

Links to resource and network aggregates available for experimenters for iMinds aggregates:

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