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<<SitenameX>> Operational Data

This page captures GENI rack information that is intended for Operators. The goal is to capture site contacts, connectivity, and VLANs.

Note anything unusual about this rack in this section. For example, this is a 12-node rack instead of a standard 5-node rack.


Site contact information:

  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Email:

Data Plane

This section captures data plane information for <<SitenameX>> detailing site topology, VLAN, Network Providers (I2/Regional) and network address information. Be sure to note the total link bandwidth of data plane connections. Note the vendor and model for any OpenFlow switches that are not part of a GENI rack.

Additional sites that are important to operations for this one (e.g. VLANs through a non-GENI regional) should also be captured here.

Data plane connectivity

<<Insert meso-scale or other relevant L2 dataplane diagram here>>>

Layer 2 information

Provide layer 2 information for Circuits VLANs, plus network connection end-points, and purpose of VLAN.

*In the VLAN column, a single ID indicates that the port is an access port. A T followed by one or more IDs indicates that the port is a trunk (aka tagged) port with those VLAN IDs.

Rack Data Plane Switch

PortConnects ToVLAN Config*

<<Insert port to VLAN mappings here>>>

Layer 3 information

<<Insert available layer 3 information here. If not applicable, replace with "none".>>

Experimental VLANs

Provide a table of Experimental VLAN detailing VLAN numbers, the endpoints, its purposes and whether VLAN is OF or non-OF.

VLAN IDOF Controlled?Purpose

<<Insert OF and non-OF experimenter VLANs and expected use>>

VLAN Translation Table

<< If applicable provide details for VLAN translation. If not applicable, replace with "none".>>

Non-VLAN Connections

<< If applicable provide details for non VLAN connections. If not applicable, replace with "none".>>

Campus Connections

<< Provide details for campus connection. If none are available, replace with "none".>>

Public Internet

Control Plane

This section captures Control plane information for OSF detailing topology and network address information. Additional site which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here.

Control Plane Connectivity

<<Provide a diagram that captures device, port for the Control plane topology. Additional control network specific data which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here. >>

Resource control subnets

<<Enter Control network subnet>>

Firewall/IP tables

<< If firewall or IP tables are in use, insert who is responsible and any information deemed of importance about the setup. >>

Experiment Resources

Links to resource and network aggregates available for experimenters for <<SitenameX>>: