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     3= GENI Stitching Computation Service =
     5The GENI Stitching Computation Service (SCS) was developed by the [ Mid-Atlantic Crossroads] aka MAX team.  This services provides network stitching path information between GENI sites.  Service is available at:
     9Soon to transition to Internet2 operate host.
     11=== Contact ===
     13Submit issues or questions about the GENI SCS to <insert email here for SCS issues contact>
     15<question> Should GMOC be involved in problem reporting? <if yes, insert !>
     17= Stitching Service Details =
     19The GENI SCS was developed by [ MAX] and provides path information to applications that create slivers between GENI sites. The service also track VLAN delegation for all GENI sites that support stitching. For a list of VLANs delegated by all aggregates supporting stitching see the [ Delegated GENI Stitching VLANs] page. Also any [wiki:GeniAggregate GENI aggregate] that supports stitching provides information details in its [wiki:GeniAggregate GENI aggregate] page details.
     21== Stitching Connections to GENI End-points  ==
     23Using GENI credentials, or credentials from an [ InCommon] identity provider, users can request GENI resources using any tools that supports stitching, such as ([ GCF stitcher], [ GENI Portal jFed or Jacks tools], and via [ jFed at iMinds]. Production GENI sites that support stitching and are known to the [wiki:GENIRacksHome/Operators/GENISCS GENI SCS] are documented in the [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites] page.
     25== Stitching Path details ==
     27The GENI SCS supplies path and VLAN information for all sites listed at [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites]. Path chosen may include one or more of the following network aggregates: ION, AL2S, MAX, PG Utah (Utah IG sites only).
     29Path details are not captured here as they are continuously expanding.
     31== Topology Information ==
     33For a list of known stitching aggregate refer to the the [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites] page or simply use the omni tool to get a list of known aggregates.
     35== VLAN Translation ==
     37The SCS supports interactions with the ION, AL2S and MAX network aggregates, and all support VLAN translation.
     39= Connection Inventory =
     44<a href="[iMinds SCS] iMinds SCS question">Email us</a> with questions and feedback on this page!