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OpenGENI Racks

An OpenGENI rack is a GENI rack composed of DELL compute and networking equipment and providing a fully GENI-compliant aggregate manager using the GENI Rack Aggregate Manager (GRAM) Open Source software built on the OpenStack resource management and virtualization suite.




Architecture, Software, and Design

OpenGENI Provisional Racks

OpenGENI rack have been approved as GENI Provisional Resources for use by experimenters.

OpenGENI Clemson Rack Details

OpenGENI Internal/Development Racks - NOT FOR PUBLIC USE

OpenGENI BOS Rack Details

OpenGENI GPO Rack Details

GRAM Acceptance Testing

The OpenGENI Acceptance Test Plan was defined to verify the GENI Rack Requirements for the Dell Rack. Several test efforts took place, the status and findings for each is listed below:

Summary status and findings Test Report(s)
Acceptance Test Status - May 2013 Acceptance Test Report - May 2013 (05/20/2014)
Acceptance Test Status - December 2013 Acceptance Test Report - Dec 2013 (12/18/2013)
Acceptance Test Status - April 2014 Acceptance Test Report (05/19/2014); Intermediate Test Report - for Dell Meeting (04/18/2014)